the "planet" we live in...

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I guess once in a while dropping on this site is part of boredom, among other reasons of course. I was reading headline after headline, profile after profile.. looking for something or someone that would catch my fancy. There were quite a few..few headless guys, and some Fabcasters too! hehe.

As I was browsing through, i have listed some things I have noticed, and my take on them. Add if you may..

1. ang daming MAARTE! ang daming DEMANDS!
- i know it's just a matter of preference, but if you're expecting too much from the guys here..better think again! Are you familiar with the saying " You cant have your cake and eat it too"? ...i thought so!

for example: some guy who prefer guys who came from reputable schools, has a car and whatnot.
- DUH?! No offense meant, pero ano ba balak mo? manggamit? Rubi is that you? Peace! Never thought people can be that SHALLOW these days..hmmm

2. headless guys who ask for face pics from other guys but not willing to share theirs.
- what gives? not showing your face in this site doesn't make you discreet. The fact you're here says it all.

3. guys who brag about what they have,their travel plans etc..
- major turn off! Sorry to burst your bubbles, but not all guys are impressed on how deep your pockets are.

4. guys who have nudes and looking for a "relationship".
- I don't think you're being believable.No one would take you seriously. Nudes are nice to look at, yes but sometimes can be offensive at some level.

5. young guys even older guys who uses "po" in their messages.
- Not even cute, promise! Spell annoying! not to mention adding "-h" to it.. Annoying in a MAJOR way!

6. guys who are "self-proclaimed hotties" and oozing with confidence aka "cocky","conceited","thinks-they're-God's-gift-to-gay-men" kinda guys.
- One word, Pathetic! with a capital P talaga! hehe

7. guys who use other pics to get attention
- Be yourself! Don't live on somebody elses expectation. You may not be "HOT" as what others are looking for, but it doesn't make you less of a person. Don't use somebody elses pic because if that person asks you to meet up, things may not go well or worse, your humiliation. Think! think!

Funny how we set these standards without even doing reality check first..Hello?!

i love you..

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Somebody from Facebook shared this video. This is the University of Rochester's gay version of Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me". Stars Matt Francis (jock) and Michael Pittman, Filmed and edited by Dan Petracca. It's a really cute and sweet video, thought i'd share to those who have not seen it yet.

Enjoy! =)

aray ko!

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Were you ever in this kind of situation? Wherein you have this special something with this person but it's somewhat indefinite?!

In short M.U (Magulong Usapan)

gulo noh?!?! =(

ano ba talaga koya?

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This is actually somewhat a follow up from my previous entry ikaw na ang maganda ..

I was with my friend again last night with his "number two", still confused if he's doing the right thing -- having this affair. I already told him where I stand in this illicit affair of his. He tells me that he is happy whenever he is with this new guy but does not see himself with him long term. He's torn between, continuing the seven years or go with the new guy. I think Bob Ong is right when he quoted something about:

hindi ka maghahanap ng pangalawa kung talagang mahal mo talaga yung una
But then again, minsan kasi "malandi" lang tayo and loves the chase and attention (tabi po! hehe). Let's face it, why stick with something you no longer have passion for? I don't think it's healthy. I actually advised my friend to drop his seven year relationship if he's no longer happy being in it. I just don't want him being unfair to his partner. I know the feeling and i know that it's hard to put on a happy face when you know you're not anymore. I just hope he figures this thing out and not regret it.

doggie me..

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Have you seen this movie? I saw this last year, got it off the net, thought it was just an entertaining film, didn't expect it's one tear-jerker. Very simple, yet very touching storyline. You'd wish there's someone you know who's as loyal as this Akita (dog breed).

Hachiko is a true story about a dog in Japan and the special bond he shared with a professor whom he met when it was a little puppy.

A college professor (Richard Gere) takes in an abandoned dog and they form an unbreakable bond. The dog arrives daily at the correct time at the train station, to meet his owner. After the professor dies while away from home, the dog keeps vigil waiting for his master for nearly a decade.

dear cap'n crunch..

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It's been a while, and still I don't know how to put to words how you make me feel, and how i feel whenever you're around. This is the closest i can think of. Hope you like it..

Can you read my mind?
Do you know what it is you do to me?
Don't know who you are,
Just a friend from another star
Here I am like a kid at a school
Holding hands with a god, I'm a fool
Will you look at me quivering
Like a little girl shivering?
You can see right through me

Can you read my mind?
Can you picture the things I'm thinking of?
Wondering why you are
All the wonderful things you are
You can fly, you belong to the sky
You and I could belong to each other
If you need a friend,
I'm the one to fly to
If you need to be loved,
Here I am, read my mind!

ikaw na ang maganda ..

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i got this message from a friend this morning, confused and don't know where to turn.. i edited a little so as to protect the person involved..

gusto ko mabalik ung dati namin. Pero di ko alam kung kaya ko pa. If you'll ask me now, mas mahal ko yung isa.

What would you do when you you're already in love with someone else and is still in a relationship? How would you tell the person you're currently with that you found someone else already? What if you know that the person you're with can't handle what you're about to say? How would you break this to him...gently?

Is it really true that in a relationship, una unahan lang ma- fall out of love?. It's like, pasensyahan na lang, nagexpire na ang love ko eh.. on to the next contract na. I remember asking a college friend regarding his relationship with his gf, about pano kung nagsawa ka na sa kanya? He replied without batting a false eyelash, hehe "bakit ka magsasawa kung mahal mo?" it struck me really hard, and it is true. Just like what Samantha (Julia Roberts) asked Jerry (Brad Pitt) in the movie The Mexican:
Samantha: When two people love each other...truly love each other, but they just can't seem to get it together; When do they get to the point of enough is enough?
Jerry: Never.

I actually blame him for this, for spending time with this guy and much worse falling. I havent been in a long term relationship, like this friend i have, and i guess i dont understand and know what he's going through. But i dont think you need to be in one to know that what he's doing is wrong, right? Di din naman ako malinis and i admit ive been in this predicament before, mahirap pala..better start clean than like this. Having to be the one to break someone's heart? not good!

lesson: huwag malandi! hehe. =P


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i found this email about uber cheesy Pinoy pick up lines, thought id share it.. mahabang list sya pero i just took some that i like. May mas kekeso pa ba sa mga 'to? =P

 kapag diniretso ko ba tong daan na ito, diretso din ba sa puso mo?
 minamalat na naman ang puso ko, paano kasi, sinisigaw laging pangalan mo
 magaling ka ba sa algebra? can you substitute my "x"?
 kaya pala walang stars sa langit, kasi andito ka
 tumataba ka na yata unti unting... nagiging mundo ko..
 naniniwala ka ba sa love at first sight?, O gusto mo dumaan ako ulit?
 mabilis ka siguro sa mga puzzle, kasi kakasimula pa lang ng araw ko, pero nabuo mo na agad
 ako na ang magbabayad ng tuition fee mo, basta pagaralan mo lang na mahalin ako
 para san pa ang gravity? kung sa'yo pa lang, nahuhulog na ako?
 nasa hospital ako ngayon, kasi hindi na kinaya ng puso ko ang pagmamahal sa'yo
 para kang table of contents ng isang libro, kasi ikaw ang paksa ng bawat pahina ng buhay ko
 aanhin pa ang bahay na bato, kung nakatira ka na sa puso ko?
 ano'ng gusto mo maging paglaki mo? Ako , gusto ko'yo!
 para kang trapik sa EDSA, I can't..move..on.
 hindi ko naman pinipilit na maging akin ka. ang akin lang, maging sa'yo ako.
 pag-ibig ko ay de-metro, habang napapalayo man at napapatagal ang nararating natin, patuloy akong magmamahal sa'yo
 pwede na ba kitang tubusin? ang laki na kasi ng interes ko sayo eh!
 kung posporo ka, at posporo ako, eh di "match" tayo
 Do not leave your valuables unattended. kaya dito lang ako sa tabi mo
 am i a bad shooter?, kasi, i keep on missing you!
 sana piso ka na lang at 100 pesos naman ako, kasi di ako mabubuo ng wala ka
 isa lang naman pangarap ko eh, ang maging pangarap mo
 Lumiliit ka ata? dati kasi lampas ulo kita, ngayon nasa puso na kita
 sana naging holdaper ka na lang. kasi kahit ano ibibigay ko, basta 'wag mo lang akong sasaktan..
 sabi nila kasi libre lang mangarap. Libre ka ba? ikaw kasi ang pangarap ko eh

this last one is definitely my bet! hehe ..
 dalawang beses lang naman kitang nais makasama... Now and Forever


are you 'effing my husband?

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Eto ay para sa mga nakiki-apid, sa mga kirida, sa mga kabit, sa mga number two, sa mga mistress!


akala mo lang..

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I just got home from a final interview in one of the companies in The Fort,Taguig. This has been the one i have been waiting for and hopefully my patience gets rewarded -- that's that =)

i just like to point out that i don't believe in the generalization that some guy commented on some guy's blog (you know who you are! hehe) that :

"guys who are easy to bed are easy to forget. on the other hand, guys who want their suitors go the extra mile are worth keeping". 

DUH! Do i smell bigotry here? just because you're "easy" doesn't mean you're not a keeper and vise versa. You may even be surprised that this so called "suitors going the extra mile"  is the best slut in town! My two cents is, that there are just people who are more liberated and those who are trying to be who they're not. Now which one do you fall under?