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I guess once in a while dropping on this site is part of boredom, among other reasons of course. I was reading headline after headline, profile after profile.. looking for something or someone that would catch my fancy. There were quite a few..few headless guys, and some Fabcasters too! hehe.

As I was browsing through, i have listed some things I have noticed, and my take on them. Add if you may..

1. ang daming MAARTE! ang daming DEMANDS!
- i know it's just a matter of preference, but if you're expecting too much from the guys here..better think again! Are you familiar with the saying " You cant have your cake and eat it too"? ...i thought so!

for example: some guy who prefer guys who came from reputable schools, has a car and whatnot.
- DUH?! No offense meant, pero ano ba balak mo? manggamit? Rubi is that you? Peace! Never thought people can be that SHALLOW these days..hmmm

2. headless guys who ask for face pics from other guys but not willing to share theirs.
- what gives? not showing your face in this site doesn't make you discreet. The fact you're here says it all.

3. guys who brag about what they have,their travel plans etc..
- major turn off! Sorry to burst your bubbles, but not all guys are impressed on how deep your pockets are.

4. guys who have nudes and looking for a "relationship".
- I don't think you're being believable.No one would take you seriously. Nudes are nice to look at, yes but sometimes can be offensive at some level.

5. young guys even older guys who uses "po" in their messages.
- Not even cute, promise! Spell annoying! not to mention adding "-h" to it.. Annoying in a MAJOR way!

6. guys who are "self-proclaimed hotties" and oozing with confidence aka "cocky","conceited","thinks-they're-God's-gift-to-gay-men" kinda guys.
- One word, Pathetic! with a capital P talaga! hehe

7. guys who use other pics to get attention
- Be yourself! Don't live on somebody elses expectation. You may not be "HOT" as what others are looking for, but it doesn't make you less of a person. Don't use somebody elses pic because if that person asks you to meet up, things may not go well or worse, your humiliation. Think! think!

Funny how we set these standards without even doing reality check first..Hello?!

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  1. hahaha!! Funny! I can't highlight because everything's my favorite! aylavet!

  2. @von: hehe. May add pa ako ung very common thing that you will notice sa site. Thanks for dropping by. Have a great week ahead.

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